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PyMC2 code respositing

As an attempt to improve the state of my blog, I’m going to start linking to PyMC2 and PyMC3 code examples on the code repository. Enjoy.

Post-Doctoral Fellow – Advances to State-Space Models for Fisheries Science

Applications are invited for a CANSSI/Fields post-doctoral position in connection with a CANSSI Collaborative Research Team project to develop robust and statistically rigorous state-space models (SSM) methodologies for fisheries science with Joanna Mills Flemming and Chris Field (both at Dalhousie University). The research will be motivated by ongoing discussions with fisheries collaborators aimed at addressing […]

Correction to Hussey et al. 2014

In a frustrating development, my co-author Nigel Hussey reported problems from other researchers in replicating our trophic position calculations from our recent Ecology Letters paper. In it, trophic position is, regrettably (and completely my fault) missing a +TPbase (trophic position of the baseline organism) at the end. The correct equation is:

My apologies to […]

Correction to JNAFS 30: 77-82.

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For those following the latest in Von Bertalanffy growth curve fitting for sharks, my colleague Steve Campana discovered this week that our 2002 paper looking at age and growth in blue sharks […]

Intrinsic Conditional Autoregressive (CAR) model – Lip Cancer in PyMC

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The autoregression continues this week with an intrinsic conditional autoregressive, or CAR model, in PyMC. There are many, many ways to introduce spatial effects into a modelling framework; due to the availability […]