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Correction to JNAFS 30: 77-82.

For those following the latest in Von Bertalanffy growth curve fitting for sharks, my colleague Steve Campana discovered this week that our 2002 paper looking at age and growth in blue sharks contained an error in the reported growth curve parameters. The Von B curve has a couple of forms (for a recent review on best practices see Pardo et al. (2013) MEE 4:353-360) but in our 2002 paper we used the most standard:

$$ L_{\inf}*(1-e^{-k*(age-t_{0})} $$

In the paper we reported the three parameters as $L_{\inf}=302$, $k=0.58$, and $t_{0}=-0.24$. These are way off, and I’m at a loss as to how I estimated them so badly ten years ago. In any case, we have issued a correction, given revised Bayesian estimates $L_{\inf}=336 [319, 353]$, $k=0.15 [0.13, 0.17]$, and $t_{0}=-2.2 [-2.6, -1.8]$ (posterior medians and 95% uncertainty intervals). The data, new fits, and old estimates show just how far off the old ones were. NB: PLOT YOUR MODEL AND DATA PROPERLY!!

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