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Post-Doctoral Fellow – Advances to State-Space Models for Fisheries Science

Applications are invited for a CANSSI/Fields post-doctoral position in connection with a CANSSI Collaborative Research Team project to develop robust and statistically rigorous state-space models (SSM) methodologies for fisheries science with Joanna Mills Flemming and Chris Field (both at Dalhousie University). The research will be motivated by ongoing discussions with fisheries collaborators aimed at addressing pressing fisheries issues in Canada. Goals include:

– Building robust statistical methodologies for SSMs used in fisheries science and management that allow for both errors and misspecification in the observation process and in the state/dynamic process.

– Developing relevant model diagnostics that can be used to evaluate model goodness-of-fit for both the observation and state process. In practice, stock assessment scientists and fisheries managers need to know if their advice is sensitive to reasonable alternative assumptions.

The successful applicant should be familiar with SSMs, possess excellent computational skills and be well organized. Interested applicants should send their CV and Letter of interest as well as arrange to have two letters of reference sent to Joanna Mills Flemming (Joanna.Flemming – [at] – Dal.Ca) before April 1, 2014. The position is for two years, contingent upon funding, with start date to be determined.

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